Jeanne Brenneman's paintings - 2015-2016 Works

These are original watercolor paintings.

   * designates laser prints available - 11x15 image $25.
 (s) designates that the original has been sold.

Air and Water

Ascension of Light

A Winter Moment

Back Porch Music



Down ChurchStreet

Heirloom II

Heron Nest

I Can Almost See Heaven From Here

In Grandma's Parlor

Life Is A Patchwork

Light and Shadow


New Library

Polar View


Rose Mallow

Seeing Clearly

Sky View I

Sky View II

Sky View III

Sky View IV

Spring in Bloom


Washington & Lee Streets

Water Music

Water World

WVSOM Bell Tower

A Geranium Day*

Applesauce Futures* (s)

Bass Head Light

Birch Vista*

Blue Ribbon Daffodils*

Buon Giorno*

Close For Comfort*

Cosmic Chaos

DarkTime* (s)

Dawn Magic*

Edge Of The World


Essence Of Wild*

Farm Seasons*

Farm Use*

Fuzz Butt*

Garden Wall*


Hot Stuff*


Icy Lacy*

Iddie Biddie Pumpkin*

Light Show*

Look Out For Falling Fruit

Magnolia Mood*

Mail Wagon*

Morning Shift

Mountain Cathedral*

Natural Attraction

Natural Lace*

Neon Reflections (s)


Night Spirit*

Old Powell Road - Evening*

Party Poppies

Pileated Woodpecker*

Sherwood Lake* (s)

Sky Music 2*

Spring Inside And Out*

Stella's In Fall*

Straw Man*

Summer On The Greenbrier

Survival Mode*

Top Of The World*

Turn Toward Home*

Wicker Carriage*

Winter Hydrangeas*

Wintry Mix

Wolf Song*

Osteopathic School - Winter*

West Virginia Winter Sun*

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